1. COST-EFFECTIVENESS . . . A marketing vehicle that will generate a positive community awareness and massive exposure for Title Sponsor’s company name, trademark and product.
  2. EXCLUSIVITY . . . Exclusive Title Sponsor of Dream Home Expo.
  3. ADVERTISING EXPOSURE . . . Weeks of extensive advertising coverage that will provide the Title Sponsor’s company with wide-ranging exposure and visibility with maximization advertising impact.
    1. Title Sponsor’s company name and logo will be featured at the top of all our print advertising such as magazines, newspapers, posters, etc. as the Title Sponsor of Dream Home Expo.
    2. The Title Sponsor’s company name will be featured at the beginning of all our electronic commercials such as television, radio, and theater screens, etc. as the Title Sponsor of Dream Home Expo.
  4. MEDIA EXPOSURE . . . Title Sponsor’s company name and logo featured in all of our public relation releases as the Title Sponsor of Dream Home Expo.
  5. ON SITE SIGNAGE . . . The Title Sponsor’s signage will be featured at the main entrance and exit of Dream Home Expo.
  6. ON-SITE MENTIONS AND ON-STIE COMMERCIAL SPOTS . . . For four days the Title Sponsor’s company name will be announced as the Title Sponsor of the Dream Home Expo. The announcements will be made over the PA system that broadcasts over the entire fairgrounds every hour during total open hours of the Dream Home Expo. Plus, present us with a 30 to 60 second produced commercial spot on CD, and we will play it every hour on the hour.
  7. TO IMPACT RETAIL SALES . . . The Title Sponsor could run a promotion where consumers can show proof of purchase from your company for free admission to Dream Home Expo. This can help build your business by driving consumers to the point of purchase.
  8. TO INCREASE STORE TRAFFIC . . . Receive as many free tickets to dream home expo as needed.  Tickets are used for promotional use only.  This is how you will receive your free tickets.  You will receive an email with a coupon that will state, “Two free tickets to Dream Home Expo, the ultimate home and garden, lawn and leisure show located at the Lake County Fairgrounds, Painesville Twp. May 22-25, 2015.”  It would also state to redeem the coupon at the ticket office of Dream Home Expo for the two free tickets. This electronic coupon can then be forwarded to your loyal customers, potential customers, etc. or the coupon can be printed out to mail or hand out to your customers.  Note: Your Company can give all consumers that visit your Company website 2 free tickets to Dream Home Expo by placing the coupon on your website that the consumer can download and print.   This way your Company can send or give as many free tickets as needed.
  9. PROMOTIONAL SALES OPPORTUNITY . . . For four days we will hand out any fliers or coupons with every ticket redeemed or purchased at the ticket office. Fliers or coupons are supplied by the Title Sponsor.
  10. ON-SITE EXPOSURE AND SALES . . . Massive onsite exposure and visibility. Title Sponsor receives their choice of a 10 x 10 location inside one of the buildings with a 110 volt, 6 amp hookup or a 20 x 30 outside location with a 110 volt, 20 amp hookup. Note: each customer/homeowner coming to Dream Home Expo will walk by Title Sponsor’s booth at least one time. Please go to layout of show to see traffic flow.
  11. WEB SITE EXPOSURE . . . Title Sponsor’s name and logo will appear at the top of our front page and on the sponsorship page on . Plus, the Title Sponsor’s name, address, phone number and website will be on as a hyperlink no later than April 6, 2015 and will remain on the website for 6 months. Note: website will be in all of our advertising and public relations and it will state, “Go to for a complete listing of all sponsors who are giving away free tickets to Dream Home Expo. “
  12. ADDITIONAL WEB SITE EXPOSURE . . . website exposure on our company website, . Your company’s name and logo will appear as the Title Sponsor of Dream Home Expo on our company website as a hyperlink and it will remain there for six months.
  13. OPPORTUNITY FOR TIME ON STAGE . . . The Title Sponsor has an opportunity for time on stage and we will promote Title Sponsor’s time on stage over the public address system at the Lake County Fairgrounds. We will also list Title Sponsor’s show/ seminar with dates and times on . Note: This is on a first come, first serve basis. There will be 2 stages. We will add a 3rd stage depending on demand.
  14. VENDOR PASSES . . . Title Sponsor will receive vendor passes to Dream Home Expo for sole use of Title Sponsor’s employees working at booth.