An interactive Drama experience through the pages of the Bible where the bible comes to life before your very eyes. Your journey will take you on a theatrical walk through an interactive adventure of a lifetime through some of the most famous bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. See the Garden of Eden and its beauty, the forbidden fruit, and the banishment of Adam and Eve. Encounter the storm and survive the flood on board our simulated Noah's Ark. Witness God's Wrath as fire and brimstone destroys the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Feel the rumble as Samson brings down the Philistine's Temple, and watch David conquer Goliath. These are just a few of the re-enactments you will see from the Old Testament.

Continue your adventure through the pages of the New Testament where you will witness the birth of Jesus Christ, Herod’s massacre, and the temptations bestowed upon Jesus for 40 days and nights by Satan. View the dancing before Herod and John the Baptist imprisoned and beheaded.  Feel the passion of Christ as he endures the tortures of man. Hold forever and praise our Savior as you see him die on the cross for our sins, and rejoice in his ascension to heaven for he will come again. These are just a few of the reenactments you will see from the New Testament.  Don’t just read the Bible, experience it!

The Holy Bible has multiple Christian Attractions such as 20 holy bible scenes, 10 from the Old Testament and 10 from the New Testament. These 20 stunning and breath taking scenes with special animation and simulation effects and sounds will be an interactive drama experience acted by over 100 live actors with drama /theater experience. Plus, there will be live entertainment such as Christian bands, various exhibitors such as churches, religious goods, crafts, food, much more. This will be an exciting, unique and fun Bible learning experience. Let the Adventure begin . . .