Noah's Ark

As you continue on your bible adventure to The Noah's Ark Scene a theatrical staged performance, you see before you a ramp and Noah standing on top of the ramp and he is saying, "Hurry, come onto the boat before the storm hits." As you reach the top of the boat you will enter onto a boat and you will notice the room is dimly lit. Noah closes the door to the boat. You see in front of you a large curtain.

Then the room becomes dark and a slide show presentation of photos with a narration explaining the story of Noah's Ark leading up to the flood.

After the presentation the lights will go out, you will hear a crack of thunder and the floor underneath will start to rock. You hear people screaming. The curtain opens, the rain is pouring down, the thunder is cracking, lightening is flashing, you hear screams. You see people perishing in the flood of waters. The storm gets worse, you feel the wind whipping against your face and the mist of the water hits you - you cannot help but wonder if you will be spared.

The light goes out, the curtain closes, the floor stops rocking – there is calmness in the room. You see a picture appears on the curtain of Noah on the boat with a dove with a branch in his mouth coming to him with a beautiful rainbow above him.. You hear a narration of God's covenant with Noah.