Browns Blast from the past DVD

To be released in 2015

These are the 5 Cleveland Brown’s Theatrical Videos 1985-1989 that will be on the DVD titled, Blast from the Past. Description of the Blast from the Past DVD jacket: The jacket is a cardboard stock, in full color, high gloss, and shrink wrapped. Description of the Blast from the Past DVD label: The DVD label will be in full color.

THE BLAST FROM THE PAST DVD is a nostalgic collector’s edition from the Cleveland Brown’s theatrical Videos 1985-1989 (Produced by Lolis Babb & Tom Pattison, with Mike Pattison assisting in the last two videos 1988-1989). All 5 videos, approximately 2 hours of playtime, on vintage video footage will be placed on the Blast from the Past DVD. The videos include: 1985 – A Brown’s Christmas Carol, 1986 – The Cleveland Browns and Their Quest to become the Masters of the Gridiron, 1987 – The Cleveland Browns the Dream is Real, 1988 – the Cleveland Browns meet D.T. in Dawg Territory, 1989 – Bloopers Out-Takes & Highlights of the 1985-1988 hosted by Doug Deiken & Dancin Danny Wright.
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