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Dream Home Expo is going after the homeowner that wants the AMERICAN DREAM located at the Lake County Fairgrounds 1301 Mentor Ave., Painesville Township, Ohio. May 22 -25, 2015. Friday 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Saturday noon to 9:00pm. Sunday noon to 9:00pm. Monday noon to 5:00pm. Price of tickets $5.00 adults and senior citizens. 16 years of age and under free plus free parking. Over 100,000 square foot of show space showcasing the finest home improvement specialists in a festive home improvement selling atmosphere.

Dream Home Expo will attract homeowners from Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, and Cuyahoga County Markets. These homeowners will be actively engaged in remodeling, decorating and improving their homes with the ultimate goal of making their dream home. Your company will have the opportunity to personally meet with your future customers. No one can sell your product or service better than you can!

Dream Home Expo wants to make the homeowner’s dream come true.   Each homeowner has a different dream. That is where your company comes in. From totally remodeling their home from the inside out to interior/exterior improvements, bathroom and kitchen remodeling or designs such as “a man cave,” a home theater, home office/den, etc. to the latest in home furnishings and accessories, appliances, electronics, and power tools.   The outdoors will be represented through landscaping and gardening, outdoor furniture and accessories, lawn and garden equipment and patio enclosures installing pools, decks, gazebos, and hot tubs, swing sets and much more. We hope to have representation of all facets of the total home makeover. The homeowner’s dreams are endless.

Who Should Exhibit

Any and all companies that can rejuvenate beatify and improve the value and comfort of the homeowner’s home. Your company will make the homeowner’s dream home a reality.

Timing is Everything

Strike while the iron is hot. Your future customers are at this show. If you are not at this year’s show, the homeowner may be closing a deal with your competition.

This will be the event the homeowners will dream of coming back to year after year!

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