Description of Mother's Day Card

The full color card will be a 5 inch by 5 inch four panel CD wallet. On the front of the card will be a beautiful rose surrounded by petals with the words, "Mom I Will Always Love You," printed on the rose. On the inside of the card to the left will be another beautifully imprinted rose in a lighter color so a personal message can be written by the son, daughter, and/or family member. To the right of the inside of the card will be a slot for the CD. The right inside of the card and back cover will feature a beautiful light colored floral pattern. This is where your company name, phone number, or website will be listed as a sponsor. At the top of the right inside of the card and the back cover will state "Coupon Savings Worth $______ on the CD from these sponsors."

Description of CD, Mama I Will Always Love You

The entire CD will have a beautifully imprinted rose with the words, "Mama I Will Always Love You." Furthermore, The CD will play a mother's ballad titled, "Mama I Will Always Love You." Additionally, the audience can see your advertising message and print off your coupon when the CD is inserted into the computer. At the end of the song the audience will be instructed to insert the CD into the computer for coupon savings from the sponsors.

National & International Media Attention

The song "Mama I will Always Love You" was featured on a national and international TV show titled, Backstage on EWTN, the Global Catholic Network. This show features talented Christian artists.

Please see example of card and CD to the left – You may also listen to the CD in its entirety. Also, you may view the song performed by Michael Patrick on the Backstage show.