Mothers Day Card/CD

A revolutionary new target marketing vehicle that targets Mothers!
A Mother's Day Card and CD

Imagine your advertising message reaching a captive audience (Mothers).

Now imagine your message reaching that audience (Mothers) over and over all year long at no extra cost!
The Mother's Day Card and CD will do just that!!

This beautiful full color Mother's Day Card will feature your company name, phone number, or website plus, on the CD titled "Mama I will always Love You," a very touching Mother's Ballad will feature your visual advertising message.

This message can be printed as a coupon.

This Mother's Day Card and CD will be a memory keepsake that the Mother will treasure for years to come.
That means long term exposure of your advertising message!
Perfect Gift!
For Mother's Day, Birthday, and Special Occasion or just to say thank you or I love you.